How to remove quick edit ?

Started by Zatalyz, August 17, 2022, 06:23:54 AM

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I try to create my own template. Something I want is to remove the "quick edit" button on post. I think I found where is it in code, I erase some lines in mytpl/Display.template.php (line 381 and after), and save the file. My user have "mytpl" as active template. I refresh the page but... the button is always here. It do nothing so I erase a good part of code but the buttons stay... I erase all code linked with "quick_edit" on my template but it is always the same thing.

So, I think I don't understand a thing.
- Are there a cache on forum ? If yes, how to disable it for the time to create tpl ?
- does the default theme override my changes ? If yes, I have o choice, just make a lot of "display:none;" but... I hope I can light my template more, and find a more nice solution...

Have you an idea about what I do wrong ?


All the quick buttons are made from Sources/Display.php, look for:
there you'll find all quick buttons one by one.


Thanks a lot ! I know Source/ to find this sort of thing nox :)

Hard to change it in the template... the better thing is probably to rewrite what button I call, inspired by what I find in this file.


You're welcome!

If you need additional help let us know. Until then I'll mark this topic as solved if that's okay. :)