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******NEW WP2SMF Bridge 2020...COMING SOON!!!!!!******

Started by Korotana365, June 11, 2020, 05:21:36 AM

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just my 2 cents worth as well...on top of the already ewwww, yikes, may not be very popular, as I found in my own experience that wordpress caused/allowed all kinds of security issues....i eventually just deleted the entire thing because I got fed up with trying to patch and fix it constantly....
not saying don't do it if you wish to, but .... don't expect it to be a money maker.....


Still working on this.. no funds available since Covid broke out...
******After the Final No is a YES!******


******After the Final No is a YES!******


Quote from: Kindred on June 11, 2020, 05:33:00 PMand, BTW: I believe the existing WP <-> SMF bridge was updated just over a month or two ago....

Quote from: vbgamer45 on April 09, 2020, 01:16:06 PMHere is one SMF to Wordpress;sa=view;down=228

The second part is Wordpress To SMF

For anyone wondering, vbgamer45's SMF to WP bridge works GREAT on SMF 2.1 RC3 and the latest WordPress (5.7.1).
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This seems to work great, just tested it out on an install, but question..

How does it integrate WP roles versus Forum roles? Or does it still have to be set between? (which is fine, I just want to figure out how it integrates roles by default)


There used to be a paid WP > SMF bridge which was quite good, but the developer started spending less time on fixing bugs and keeping up with releases. I think a well-written script that does get maintained well, with good support, could attract a good client base.

But, there will always be people who expect it for free.

Personally, I think SMF there's plenty of room for bridges. Joomla/Mambo to me are quite clunky and not very modern.

I haven't used Joomla 4, but I used version 3 and never felt it worked well.

WordPress is quite slick, easy to set up and customise.

SMF is probably the best free forum solution, I like MyBB but it suffers from a worse case of missing bridges/integrations. SMF 2.1 looks awesome but for content creators, it's not enough to have a forum. You need something to bring in users. I don't believe people solely join forums these days, as it's quite a retro thing now. My 16-year-old son doesn't see the point in forums with social media and that's a big issue.

Ironically, I find it amusing when Wordpress is labelled just a blog. It's widely used by many now, I know of major coperations that use it. The days of seeing Joomla used for example, seems a lot rarer since the 2010's.
I'm stuck in a time warp from the early 00's.


I'm stuck in a time warp from the early 00's.