Member List Profile Columns Misaligned When leaving 'Posts' Active Box Unchecked

Started by Michael Vail, December 15, 2022, 07:44:07 PM

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Michael Vail

Forum Version SMF 2.1.3
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Good Day,

Today I attempted a member search on my SMF site using the 'Members-> Member Search' (forums/index.php?action=mlist;sa=search) button on the menu bar. Upon doing so, I noticed that the columns containing custom profile field info for each user in the search results were not aligned under the correct column heading. I then discovered that the contents of each column were shifted exactly one field to the left fo the column they should appear under beginning with the "Posts" field.

It ultimately determined that because I had the "Posts" checkbox in the 'Active' column of the profile fields settings of  Admin Area unchecked, SMF is leaving the "Posts" column heading active and shifting the contents from the active columns to the left. I believe if the "Posts" box is left unchecked in the settings, the "Posts" column heading also should not be displayed so the columns align correctly with their headings.

I've attached two images, one showing how it looks with the "Posts" setting as 'Active' and displaying correctly and the other with the setting unchecked and displaying the columns under the wrong headings.

I've tested this on three SMF 2.1.3 websites with nearly identical plugins and settings and the results were the same.

Take care,
Mike V.