How to remove PortaMX Mod and having a clean forum without any Mods

Started by hartiberlin, January 31, 2023, 05:19:06 PM

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Okay, now the URLs also work again.
I had to reinstall the latest PortaMX 1.54.2 fork plugin again to get the SEF Format URLs again to work..

If anything is not yet working, please let me know.

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.


Hi All,
I want to retire now from being an Admin for my site..

I have SMF 2.0.19 and PortaMX 1.54-2 fork from here installed:

Which was a bugfixed version as it seems the Programmer Feline is no longer Alive..

So now I have the problem, that I wanted to set my forum into a mode, where
Guests can see all the postings and ALL Attachments !
But it does not show any attachments, although I have set this in the
Admin memnu,
see attachments..
So what can I do to get this working ??
Screenshot link at imgur

Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.


Maybe it would be the easiest solution to upgrade to SMF 2.1.x
and remove PortaMX ?
But then I probabyl would no longer have the SEF URLs and the my links to the topics would no longer
work, right ?

Also it should just be a very quick fix and I don't have time for some long fiddling with php files...

So I would prefer, if someone could help me with this, as I had a stroke and I am very ill and thus I want to retire from Computer work.. I am now just too old.
Many thanks.
Best regards, Stefan.
P.S.  I will donate you 20 bucks, if this could be easily solved...
Many thanks in advance..
P.S: look into the previous Posting with the Imgur Screenshot, then it is getting clearer...Thanks.