Verification questions not configured properly

Started by savo, January 31, 2023, 09:53:21 PM

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I get this error message periodically when new forum users post a topic.  I have it set so that they need to have a post count of four in order to skip the anti-spam verification.  I just have the visual verification image enabled along with two questions (out of a possible four questions).  No CAPTCHA.

No one has actually reported any issues to me and new users are posting topics so I'm not even sure if they see any errors on their end.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce it myself using Edge, Chrome, two different computers (work and personal), iPad and iPhone.

Here is the code for the lines mentioned in the screen capture.


$context['require_verification'] = create_control_verification($verificationOptions, true);


I'm using PHP Version 8.1.14.

Not much mods installed.

1   Email Obfuscator v1.2
2   My Given Likes v1
3   Ultimate Menu v2.0.2
4   Mod Version Checker v1.1
5   Snowflakes v1.82
6   SMF 2.1.3 Update v1
7   Automatic Attachment Rotation (and Resize) v6.16 (Emulating 2.1.2)

Would anyone know what the issue might be?

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That's a bug...

To reproduce, answer a verification question incorrectly, and while the error is displayed, change your language using the language dropdown in the top right.

Will be fixed in 2.1.4.
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OK but my forum is English only though.

Thanks for the info.  I will continue to ignore the error.