O import shows as 0 (zero) when between code-tags

Started by SoftAid, February 15, 2023, 01:32:14 PM

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A bizar phenomene: since 19 years on our SMF website (2.0.18) the import (Ctrl+V) from an Excel formula into a message on a baord changes an O as 0 (zero) when between code-tags.

Excel 2007 - 2019

When I copy back from SMF to Excel, the 0 becomes a O again.

In the SMF code, some signes of corona must have appeared :-)

Does someone recognize this?

Thanks for help

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I inherently distrust anything copied into or out of Excel. Its habits of guessing and misidentifying content are legendary.

That said, I'm assuming that the issue is that it's not actually changing anything and it just looks different because of the font of the code tag as the font used for code tags in SMF has a slash through the zero just to clearly differentiate it from a letter O, unlike Excel.

The fact thatwhen you copy it back to Excel it magically returns to its prior state suggests that it's really a zero all the way along and it's just displayed differently because of the font.