Integration of SMF into Microsoft Teams

Started by schneiderj, March 02, 2023, 04:03:19 AM

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I use SMF from long time ago with more or less success. We are actually searching a solution for our group to have a way to communicate efficiently. Collegue put Yammer in hand of the user but without success. For me Yammer is not relevant for what we want to do, instead of SMF.

I propose from the beginning to use SMF, but direction think that forum is too old way to thing, no trial was done. But as Yammer has no success, SMF, or forum was back.
The best think to see the usage of the forum easy for every body would be to integrate it in Microsoft Teams as every coworker are using it.
So now my question : is that possible ? If not perhaps a way to have a link in Teams to the forum...

Thanks you for yours comments, experiences return !



ANything is possible, if you know how to code it.

However, that being said -- integrating into Teams would be complicated at best and a nightmare at worst....
MS Teams does not use php or mySQL - so you would have to build an export/bridge to transfer the data from one system to the other.

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It depends on what you want to do.
I have used teams connectors on a channel live to post to teams using the incoming webhook. It is a little tricky with the format and finding the ids for channels then mentioning using users.

The PHP api last I checked was being rewritten and wasn't documented well.
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I'm surprised no-one's talked about login integration with Teams - though hardly surprising, I don't think anyone's implemented working OAuth2 for SMF in a good long while.
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Thanks you for your answer.

So, I think we will use an other solution than the Teams environnement !