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Tips on converting from AEF forum

Started by Alk2, February 28, 2024, 11:34:36 AM

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Using the AEF to SMF converter (;id=38), I did an AEF v1.0.9 conversion to SMF v2.0.19 and I just wanted to share a few brief tips from this experience for anyone else in the future:

1. Before doing the conversion, on your AEF database, run the SQL query:
UPDATE `TABLENAMEPREFIX_users` SET `realname`='';(Where TABLENAMEPREFIX is replaced with the correct name for your AEF "users" database table)
This prevents member's "Real name" (i.e. their given name) from appearing as their Display name in SMF when converted.

Once converted:
2. I had a problem with post Attachments appearing as member's avatars in their profiles and in posts. The attachments themselves, belonging to the relevant post, were fine. To fix, once converted, in your SMF database, run:

UPDATE `TABLENAMEPREFIX_attachments` SET `id_member`=0
Then in the SMF Admin CP, Set the Attachment folder space setting to whatever MB you want to allow.
And run a SMF Attachment Integrity Check.

3. To fix post quotes not formatted/showing correctly in posts (breaking up the flow of the message):
Using script downloaded from: [nofollow]
Using the older v3.1.0 version (due to PHP compatibility).
At the top of the screen, tick to "use regex" and then insert the following code in-between the 2 forward / slashes in the "replace" "search for..." box:
[quote [a-zA-Z]+=[A-Za-z0-9]+ [a-zA-Z]+=[0-9]+]then in the "replace with..." box insert the following code:
[quote]Underneath, enter your SMF forum database connection details.
Leave All tables selected.
Click the "update details" button
[optional]Can then select just the messages table and can enter to just include the column: body
Then click the "dry run" button
Click to view the changes; you should see that at the beginning of the messages of posts, that, for example, the text [quote poster=Ausername date=1234567890] is replaced with [quote]If so, click the "live run" button
Confirm from the output that the cells changed and database updates match.
Then check the forum posts and see that the quotes in posts now show correctly.

4. Run Convert HTML entities to utf-8 characters task in the SMF admin CP.

5. You can then upgrade to the latest version of SMF as normal and upgrade your PHP version.


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