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Ip address on posts

Started by bethl, May 22, 2024, 09:30:32 PM

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Is there a mod or a way to hide the IP on post?  I have a member concerned and doesn't want anyone to see her IP address.  I have searched but I can't find anything for SMF 2.1.4 Default Curve2 theme.

Sir Osis of Liver

IPs are only visible to admins (and moderators, iirc), regular members can't see them.  If member doesn't want anyone to see her IP, she can use a VPN.  It's possible to prevent forum from logging or displaying IPs, but it removes some functionality and is not a good idea.  I don't believe there's a mod that allows you to selectively hide IPs.
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A normal user can only see their own IP address, as well as administrators can see the users IP address.
A normal user sees the word "Logged" for other users IP address, and not other members IP address. We had the same confusion over on our forum for a couple members.

bethl, just as you cannot see my IP address here in this post .... but the word "Logged" instead. But in your own post here in this topic you see "Show IP Address" and you can view your IP address if you click there.


Thank you so much she is an Admin and I'll let her know I appreciate you all.