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sorry for bothering anyone but what would this be in php
my($x) =@_;

I'm thinking $x is a global array or something and "global $y;"
or something  :D

anyway thanks!

Chris Cromer:
I beleive that would be like this:

function test($x) {
     global $y;

But don't hold me to that being correct... I havn't used perl enough to know for sure if that is 100% correct.

I think your right.
I used to know some cgi when I used but that's been to long
and now I'm gonna need a reference book! ;D

Chris Cromer:
The only reason I know any perl is because I converted my PHP scripts to perl in an attempt to learn perl... I also converted perl YaBB mods to php YaBBSE for people.

So my knowlege is limited to what Parham tought me... and what was in YaBB and it's mods. :-\

No, it's like this:

function test($x)

This is because ALL variables are global, except my.



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