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September 19, 2021, 06:26:26 AM


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Started by 1MileCrash, January 02, 2006, 01:24:01 PM

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where can i find the txt variable for the word "wink" (in the smilies drop down thingy). I tried post.english.php but it wasnt in there.
The only thing php can't do is tell you how much milk is left in the fridge.


grep wink *
Install.english.php:$txt['default_wink_smiley'] = 'Wink';
Manual.english.php:$txt['manual_posting_wink_icon'] = 'Wink';
Manual.english.php:$txt['manual_posting_wink_code'] = 'Wink';
Manual.english.php:$txt['manual_posting_wink_help_name'] = 'Wink';

Display.php:            $stable_icons = array('xx', 'thumbup', 'thumbdown', 'exclamation', 'question', 'lamp', 'smiley', 'angry', 'cheesy', 'grin', 'sad', 'wink', 'moved', 'recycled', 'wireless');
MessageIndex.php:       $stable_icons = array('xx', 'thumbup', 'thumbdown', 'exclamation', 'question', 'lamp', 'smiley', 'angry', 'cheesy', 'grin', 'sad', 'wink', 'moved', 'recycled', 'wireless');
Post.php:                       array('value' => 'wink', 'name' => $txt[292])
Post.php:               $stable_icons = array('xx', 'thumbup', 'thumbdown', 'exclamation', 'question', 'lamp', 'smiley', 'angry', 'cheesy', 'grin', 'sad', 'wink', 'moved', 'recycled', 'wireless');
Recent.php:     $stable_icons = array('xx', 'thumbup', 'thumbdown', 'exclamation', 'question', 'lamp', 'smiley', 'angry', 'cheesy', 'grin', 'sad', 'wink', 'moved', 'recycled', 'wireless');
Search.php:     $stable_icons = array('xx', 'thumbup', 'thumbdown', 'exclamation', 'question', 'lamp', 'smiley', 'angry', 'cheesy', 'grin', 'sad', 'wink', 'moved', 'recycled', 'wireless');
Subs-Post.php:                          array('code' => ';)', 'filename' => 'wink.gif', 'description' => $txt[292]),
Subs.php:                       $smileysto = array('evil.gif', 'cheesy.gif', 'rolleyes.gif', 'angry.gif', 'smiley.gif', 'wink.gif', 'grin.gif', 'sad.gif', 'shocked.gif', 'cool.gif', 'tongue.gif', 'huh.gif', 'embarrassed.gif', 'lipsrsealed.gif', 'kiss.gif', 'cry.gif', 'undecided.gif', 'azn.gif', 'afro.gif', 'police.gif', 'angel.gif');

IIRC it is coded to go along with the name of the smily