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Started by Goosemoose, January 06, 2006, 03:04:39 AM

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You definately shouldn't be seeing that. The backend mambo menu is telling you that? Sounds like it could be a bridge problem you'd need to let Orstio know about.


Quote from: lifeisunfair on April 13, 2006, 05:59:26 PM
first i'd like to thank all who put their work teoghter and made this alt.

few questions in the new 1.13 brige there is no line such as

$myurl = sefReltoAbs(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&' );

Replace with:

    $myurl = sefReltoAbs(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&' .  (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum='.$_REQUEST['forum'].'&' : ''));

I have the same problem, and can't find a similar line to change?  Can anyone please point me in the right direction?  :)


Search for $myurl = sefReltoAbs and see if thats there and post the line here. If not let me know and I'll install the new bridge and check it out. I haven't had time to do that yet.


I had a look, there is no $myurl = sefReltoAbs at all.  There is:

$sefurl = sefReltoAbs(substr($nonsefurl, strlen($mosConfig_live_site) + 3, strlen($nonsefurl) - strlen($mosConfig_live_site) - 4));

or a
Quote$mainframe->addCustomHeadTag( '<link rel="prev" href="'. ( $mosConfig_sef == 1 ? sefReltoAbs($myurl.

And possibly a few others.  Which section of the smf file should I be searching? :)

Thanks :)


Or... is it possible to get a copy of the previous version of the bridge anywhere?  I'd really love to get this working :)


Try changing this in ob_mamboxfix:
$myurl = $mosConfig_live_site . '/' . basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $Itemid . '&amp;';

$myurl = $mosConfig_live_site . '/' . basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $Itemid . '&amp;'
. (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum='.$_REQUEST['forum'].'&amp;' : '');

And this in integrate_redirect
$myurl = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&amp;' ;

$myurl = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&amp;'
.  (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum='.$_REQUEST['forum'].'&amp;' : ''));

Let me know if it works so I can post it as an official fix.


Sorry to be really stupid ;D but where do I find those?  ???  Thanks  :)


No problem. I should have pointed it out. They should be in the smp.php, the same file you found the other items. Just do a search for the actual code I posted, don't worry about the ob_mambofix and such, those are just the function names.


Thanks, I'll have a look at it tonight and see if I can get it working :)


*Sigh* having trouble getting my ftp to work to upload the file, soon as it does I'll let you know if it works :)  Is there only one of each of those lines, or is there more than one and they all need changing? :)


I believe there is only one of each, but double check just to make sure ;)


Thanks, it'll give me something to do while I wait for my host to fix the ftp ;D  For some reason, as far as I can see it's forgotten I own the only two folders I want to access!  I can upload to anywhere else.  ::)

*edit* I found 3 of the first one and only one of the second :)


Ok, let me know if it works once you upload it.


Ok, this is odd.  For some reason I can't access the com_smf folder in components to upload the new smf.php file to it.  I was blaming my host, so bought some cheap webspace last night and reinstalled the whole lot from scratch.... went to upload the file again, I can't access that folder on the new host either?  Seems like the user for that folder is different to the user on all my other folders.  Have I done something really stupidly wrong here, can't believe it did it twice?  ???


Ok, figured that out, I just hadn't realised how Joomla worked, I used it to change permissions on the folders and everything works again ;D

But.... I'm getting this error when I try to go to the forum once I add that code
Parse error: parse error, unexpected ')' in /home/xxxxx/public_html/test/joomla/components/com_smf/smf.php on line 728

.  (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum='.$_REQUEST['forum'].'&amp;' : ''));

Which I think is this line.... which is the second half of this

$myurl = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&amp;'
.  (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum='.$_REQUEST['forum'].'&amp;' : ''));



Also, when I try to set each to a different theme adding the code to index.php, I get this error:

QuoteFatal error: Call to a member function setQuery() on a non-object in /fpgs/fpgshttpd/random/sf/board/index.php on line 148

I must have missed something there too, this is hard work ;D


Sorry, extra ) in there. Try this:

$myurl = basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) . '?option=com_smf&amp;Itemid=' . $_REQUEST['Itemid'] . '&amp;'
.  (isset($_REQUEST['forum']) ? 'forum=' . $_REQUEST['forum']. '&amp;' : '');


Brilliant, that seems to work perfectly, thanks! :)

Don't suppose you'd have any idea on the theme question above?  :)


I updated the first post with changed for 1.1x versions of the bridge.


Anyone know why I would get this error?

Unknown table 'c' in where clause
File: /home/public_html/forum/Sources/Recent.php
Line: 101
SMF 1.1.1
Joomla Bridge 1.6
Joomla 1.0.12