Inserting a link on forum's front page, back to main site

Started by sassyb, January 03, 2007, 05:12:01 AM

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SMF Version: SMF 1.0.9

Can anyone please instruct me how to put a link in the top section of my forum index page, back to my home page?  Is it just a question of fiddling with HTML?..and if so, can anyone narrow it down for me please, to reduce my chances of messing stuff up?! :) ...

The forum is here:

...and the page I want to show a link to is:

The link text will be Who's Ya Doggy Classifieds .

Thanks, people who know much more about this than I do  :-*


You could just drop the HTML into your page:

<a href="">Link</a>

This would work as the format for your link. Personally I would look at maybe adding it as a tab maybe on the default theme if that is what you are using.

How to add tabs to Core NDT

Personally if you are looking to make changes to your template and add links and modify links etc and know very little of HTML or PHP then try Tinyportal:



OoooooK. Thank you. 

I think that a plain text link should be easiest and is fine with me, but...

1.a) How do I "just drop the HTML in..."?  Cross my fingers and hope I get the right spot? :(  I want it to land somewhere in the white areas of the top right of this screen:

b) How do I make the link show the link TEXT (bolded, sized correctly, matching font, no underline), instead of the full "http blah blah"?

Could I persuade anyone to narrow it down for me - look at the Classic Theme HTML and literally tell me 'X marks the spot'...'stick this text, there'.. ?? 

Thanks muchly...


I just tried inserting this (more or less)...

<a href="">[pt size][bold]Who's Ya Doggy Classifieds[/b][/size]</a>

....into my Classic Theme code.  All hell broke loose.  I lost access to the theme and had to FTP / edit / mess around to recover the original.

Where should it go in the Classic Theme code, so that it appears on the top right of the front page ... without wreaking havoc?

Thank you.


Well, first I'd make a copy of the classic theme.  You'll find that under the Admin, Configuration, Themes And Layouts, Manage and Install.  It's at the bottom of the page.  Name it something relevant to your site.  That way, if it gets messed up, you can easily delete it and make a new copy.

Second, you will want to change index.template.php .  Just look through the code, 'til you get to the HTML part. 

What I did when I first started, was looked at the HTML from the page that I wanted to change, located where I wanted to make the change and then searched for the text from that area in my php code.  And, put my new HTML code in there.

Hope that makes sense.  Just break it down and do the steps one at a time.



It does make sense, thank you Syl.  You are speaking my language.

I have done everything by deduction so far and done rather well ... but it's those 'growth spurts' of learning that can be rather stressful!!  It's my first PHP site - never seen the stuff before!



Well, keep at it .... it'll get clearer as you get more familiar with it.

Send me a note if it works out for you  :D or if yo've got any more questions  ???