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Translating and lots of how to...

Started by manevem, January 08, 2006, 09:38:10 PM

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First of all thanks for SMF!
I am very new here and I am sure not the best person for translating... But since there is no Slovenian language pack here to download, I am trying to translate it on my own for my board. So I downloaded english, I did translate some files, as test, but not all and changed the images. I have uploaded them to server (default/language), but nothing has changed! What am I doing wrong? I can not rename default (the translated one) theme and then install it because there is no no in it?
So sorry, for being a blonde dummie: So how do I change the language on my own?
I am willing to work, but do not know how (yes, I have read the FAQ)...
Thanks a lot for your time and answer!

Daniel D.

I can't say more than in the FAQ. It's already for beginners. Look into your preferences how to activate the change of languages for users.

Try to talk to other slovenian users if they want to help you! :)