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TeamSpeak Mod

Started by dtm.exe, July 25, 2005, 04:27:39 PM

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I also clicked the link for the making the mod work with the custom themes how ever the .zip file i downloaded from the original post for the Teamspeak mod, does not inclue a .mod file as the instruction say to open, how ever, the .zip for the Teamspeak mod includes,


I open the modification.xml with dreamweaver 8 and the only thing i find with display anything.php is this

Lines 23-24
<!-- Edit a specific file.. -->
<file name="$themedir/Profile.template.php">

and again on

Lines 44-45
<file name="$themedir/Display.template.php">
<!-- A seach operation, with search rules and code to modify the file with. -->

I have minor coding exp but this totaly dumb-founds me.

any suggestions?
-Thanks in advanced.


yeah,plz we are SMF newbies, could you explain us how to see the TS icon using other themes?


I'm going to ask related help for the coding in the How To thread, as the mod or well package is installed and i can input my Teamspeak IP just no icon shows, so thats probly not related to this topic. so i'm going over ---> Here.