Tabs not working in Joomla template

Started by afonic, February 16, 2006, 11:13:47 AM

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Hi there,

this is 100% a Joomla template problem, but as I am running out of ideas I thought of posting here too in case someone has a similar problem or uses the same template.

My site is here. As you can see if you click the tabs on the menu and you go to Guides for example the tab turns red. In all sections except Forum, where it doesn't work. (it stays grey). I am sure its something with SMF or the bridge but after trying for many hours I could not figure out what it is. It used to work with 1.1RC1 and Cowboy's bridge but now it just doesn't work. (it is not the new SMF theme btw - I tried with the old one).

As I said this is not really a bridge issue and its also not something major (I can live with it not working) but if someone has any ideas, throw them!  :D