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Started by Deep, March 15, 2006, 08:09:52 AM

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I have found something that kinda bothers me about it, it keeps reloading the smilies all the  time.   Even if I navigate away from my page and go somewhere else.   It keeps refreshing them.    I can tell by the bar at the bottom of IE.    Anything I can do to get that to stop?



They all do that.. it has to refresh the whole shoutbox.. I've never seen one that didn't :)


I understand, but even if I navigate away from the page and it still does it?    Just seems wrong..   


So it's active away from the index page.. Something the author would need to look at..

I don't use SMF, so it's difficult to see if a "Location" change for the loading script would fix the problem.

But from what you say, it's NOT embedded in the Index Page only and continues to run wherever you go.

Minus the iframe..

Mmmmm... :(

Can't help.. I'm out'a here. :)


hi i'm from [nonactive] and i use smf 1.1 rc2 this shoutbox is the best but it don't block any html tag.....

example ... an attacker can inject javascript code like this...
<script>alert("BuG");</script> ...
or a possible cookie grabber ... but the last work only with internet explorer user.........  8)

sorry my english but i'm italian ....  ;)
--- [nonactive] [nonactive] [nonactive]


I said the same thing here... But no-one has taken it seriously... Parsing html is an invitation for destructive code to be injected. :(


...mmm ... the same bug is in the ultimate smf attacker can post with any id and can inject html code in the username area...the risk is high for i.e. user ... because the script go in homepage and when the page is refreshed you are automatically redirect to any (malicious)page...... :-\

another time sorry my english ...  ;D ;D
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Quote from: Jabberwocky on April 03, 2006, 09:26:19 PM
One feature I would like to see added is the ability to add bbcode-url's to the window. It parses html-url's to images / smilies etc...

But BB-Code [url's] etc would be a lot better and "Safer" ?? :)
Definetely need

I modified sboxDB.php to display parse BBC:
My SMF forum ^^
An Ecommerce site I help to build


i carnt get the shout box to show on my theme any one help me out please


Quote from: halliday06 on April 15, 2006, 11:14:08 AM
i carnt get the shout box to show on my theme any one help me out please

Find this:
Quote/* Each category in categories is made up of:

in your theme's BoardIndex template

add this above it:

Quote/ display shoutbox
  if (function_exists('sbox')) sbox();



I have a problem. I've just upgrded to RC2, and have installed this mod. I made a backup of the database, but not the files. I have no other mods installed. The foum is up the creak, and I don't know how to get it back. I just plain forgot to backup the files. What's the best way out of this?

I did expect this mod to work with an unmodified forum, or at least not to kill it!

QuoteFatal error: Cannot redeclare sbox() (previously declared in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/community/Sources/Subs.php:3330) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/community/Sources/Subs.php on line 3337


I would go into your board index template and remove this code:

/ display shoutbox
  if (function_exists('sbox')) sbox();

after that go into phpmyadmin and drop the any tables relating to the shoutbox.


Hi Coffefix,

It appeared that the tables were not created, yet there was a small increase in the size of the database and there were no posts (the forum is very quiet at the moment), and there was only minutes between the last backup, and my correcting everything. I did what I suggested I would do, and used a back up of the DB.

Thanks for the heads-up, that piece of code was not removed by the uninstaller.

I think I will stick with Grudges Shoutbox; at least until these problems are resolved. - I note that others have had errors too. This is still a beta (at best), and should not be a 1.x.



My reuqests:

Think you can make this avalaible on all areas of the SMf? or at least have a check box for that?

Think you can move the smf Shoutbox to the bottom of the index?

Think you can add a permission to allow/prevent users' from using the SMF shout?


Think you can make the submitable text longer? or have a text field to specify how much you can insert per shout?


Think you can make links submitted in the SMF shout box click-able?


Ok I installed this and it works just fine, time works as well.  I do have a question... how do you go about emptying the shout box database?  In php I installed a shoutbox similar and in its admin panel it had a button for emptying the box.

also does the default censors in SMF cover the shoutbox as well?




i installed on RC2 default theme.
But still not have shoutbox on main page  :-\

any idee ?

i think it's because i'm using french langage & its does not edit good file...



i've installed the shoutbox, it works very well for me.
thanks for the kind sharing.

however i am wondering how could i change the box's top title from 'SMF shoutbox' to 'Mydomain Shoutbox' ?



anyone know how to change the time of the shoutbot?
i would like to change it to UK time,  the time now seems is US time,

anyone help, please, thanks!



you open
and find
$txt['sbox_ModTitle'] = 'SMF Shoutbox';
you change
$txt['sbox_ModTitle'] = 'Mydomain Shoutbox';

-Arbalot is Here