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I have 6 wonderful templates on my board, but on the page where you can select which one to choose the thumbnail looks the same for each of them. In which file can I change the name of the file thumbnail.gif I am not finding it.


Just name your preview image to thumbnail.gif and put in your theme folder Themes/owntheme/images/thumbnail.gif

well... I tried that... but the problem with that is that I have the same images for all six themes... so I would not want to upload all the rest times 6.

I thought there must be a smarter way.

Not sure i understand... Same image to all? Why?

because it just is a colour variations (as in the category backgrounds and css colours alter and some things in the index.template)....  So they all share the default image directory as I thought it would not be necessary to upload all the same images 6 times.. I mean I easily could... but I was just looking for a more intellifent way of doing it.


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