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Ok I have searched for hours still stuck! Please help me with mambo/smf problem

Started by SN95Forums, April 14, 2006, 06:48:13 PM

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Im using 1.1 RC2 with the new update and the Bridge 1.1.3, and am using "Mambo 4.5.3h Stable"

I read the FAQ and it seems that my problem was that I have 2 data bases but I logged into MYSQL info and I noticed the "Users with acess" on both my mambo and smf forums databases are the same user "matt94gt" so I clicked on my user name and it says:

User matt94gt has access to the following databases:
    mambo [remove access]
    sn95forums [remove access]

What may matt94gt do to tables in these databases?
Select    Insert    Update    Delete    Create    Drop    Index    Alter

When I click to login on my mambo page it says the "_LOGIN_INCOMPLETE" error.  Plus where it says "Users Online" it allways reads like "We have 3 guests online" yet there are like 7 Members and 5 Guests online at the same time on the SMF forums.

Please help me out!  Thank you!


Your SMF registration is set to Immediate Registration.

What is your Mambo registration setting?


I didnt see any setting in mambo to choose an option like that, but I did set it to use the SMF Registergation.

Also in the SMF Bridge ---> Configuration ---> Groups Tab it says
"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.esmerelda/sn95forums/sn95forums.com/mambo/administrator/components/com_smf/admin.smf.php on line 297"


QuoteAlso in the SMF Bridge ---> Configuration ---> Groups Tab it says
"Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.esmerelda/sn95forums/sn95forums.com/mambo/administrator/components/com_smf/admin.smf.php on line 297"

That's a very good indication that your Mambo database user cannot retrieve information from your SMF database.

What is the brand of your site control panel? (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc.)

If you go to your Mambo admin panel, Global Configuration, you will see these three options:

Allow User Registration:
Use New Account Activation:

To what are they set?


They were both set to YES.  So I set the activation to NO to match my SMF settings thanks.  Still doing the two errors though.  Also just cerious incase I cant fix this and I end up taking away member registeration, Is there a way to turn OFF the users ONLINE display?

Anyways im not sure what brand of conrol panel I have?  I use www.dreamhost.com



Ah.  You might want to contact them and ask if a single database user can connect to multiple databases at the same time, or if they can set that up for you.


Alright thanks, I guess I dont really NEED members on the mambo part of the site anyways so is there a way to turn off the WHOS ONLINE box since its just false info...?

Thanks for your time if anyone else has suggestions please fill me in as it would be nice to fix this issue.


You can unpublish the "Who's Online" module.. go into your mambo administration, hover over "Modules" and click "Site Modules".. and look for something called "who's online" or mod_whosonline
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THANKS!  Ok and now what about getting id of the "Login Form" since I disabled Registerations on the Mambo site anyways.


Nevermind i found it! thanks guys.

2 last questions...well for now...

can I make the menu items a hyper link?
Check it out:

I mean like where it says "Getting Started" can I make that go directly to a webpage when you click it?

Also how do I get rid of the most recent link things at the top like right now mine are:
    *    Check out our Members Rides!
    * How do I keep track of security advisories?
    * What is Static Content?
    * Welcome to SN95 Forums!
    * How do I secure my Mambo site?



recent links -> do the same thing you did for the whos online, but look for something related to those links. it looks like those are actually "Latest News".. so unpublish that module.

You can make menu items a hyperlink. Go to Menu Manager > Main Menu, and click "New". You will get a big list of options.. look for "Link - URL" and click next. Then enter the URL you want it to point to, name it, publish and save.

Theres a help guide that comes with your Mambo installation.. if you read it you can really find some useful information in there. Direct link: http://help.mamboserver.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=16&id=101&Itemid=121
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Quote from: SN95Forums on April 14, 2006, 09:56:17 PM
humm latest news didnt seem to work? thanks.

try popular items. that is the other one that shows links like that.
http://www.dfwhyundais.com <-- Dallas/Ft. Worth's Local Hyundai Group