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READ FIRST: How to help us help you

Started by H, June 04, 2006, 09:03:57 AM

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Welcome to the SMF support board!

You're probably here because you're encountering a problem - and this can put people on edge.  Just remember, when you post here, that we are trying to help you - as quickly as possible.  Don't get angry or frustrated, just tell us what's wrong and we'll help you work out the problem. You should also take a look at our document about "asking questions the smart way".

And also, don't bother with your pride.  We know just as well as anyone else that everyone makes mistakes... and sometimes they aren't your fault.  If the problem was caused by something you accidentally did, that's okay... we can still help you work it out.  We don't expect you to be an expert at using our software - that would not be at all reasonable, would it?

If you're getting database or MySQL errors, you should look at the quick reference for them first, as it may help you solve the issue without having to post at all.  If this doesn't help, or you're not sure what it means, feel free to post about it here.

If you need help installing or upgrading, please read the Installation and  Upgrade Guides - but if you still have problems, please don't hesitate to ask.

If you're getting any kind of error message, searching for it may give you a better idea.  Sometimes, though, you may come across a topic that had the same message... but is caused by a different issue.  Remember, don't get tied to that necessarily being the problem, and if in doubt you can always post about it.

But searching almost always helps, so don't forget to do so... it'll save you and us time, and get your problem solved more quickly.

When you do post about your problem, please try to post it in the appropriate section.  This just helps us both understand your issue, and help you more efficiently with people who know more about the problems you're encountering.

If you are converting from another forum, you should look at Converters and Importers instead.

Converters and Importers
Please post here if you're having issues with converting from another forum, or you want to know if a converter is planned for the forum software you use.

If you can't decide where it should go, you can also post your issue if you are using SMF 1.* here in this board, or if you are using SMF 2.* here in this board .

When and if you do post, please make sure you include the following details:

  • Which version of SMF you're using
  • A link to your forum
  • Any errors from your error log that may be related (please remove paths and IP addresses - only the filename, line number and error message are needed)
  • A detailed description of the problem
This isn't always important, but it can save a lot of time and help us get to the root of the problem much faster.

As a last note, please try to avoid messaging or emailing members of the support team for help, except in the cases of security related problems or where passwords are involved.  You will almost always get a faster response if you post in public so you have more people who can help you.

Thanks - and we hope only to help!
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