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Problem after integrating SMF with Joomla

Started by yhap2003, May 13, 2006, 11:09:03 PM

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The integration went well with minor errors. I'm not going to discuss the errors now but rather I want to fix this problem.
I set SMF to wrapped around Joomla but it's not the way i want it to be. It's not completely wrapped, it still shows the blocks on the left, Newsflash section on the top right and the SMF forum on bottom right. How can I get rid of the blocks on the left side, the Newsflash section on the top right and just show the forum in the center?

Here is what I mean [nonactive]



modify your joomla template with conditional statements... and in joomla admin, choose which modules you want displayed with which menu items.

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Go to your Joomla admin panel.  Go to the Modules Menu.  Click on "Site Modules".

Here are all of your modules.

Click on one that you do not want to appear on the forum page.

On the right side of the page, you will see a heading: "Pages / Items ".

There will be a Select List of Menu Items below it.

Choose only the items for which you want the module to appear.  Obviously, you do not want it to appear on the forum page, so do not select the forum page, nor the "All" selection.  You can hold the Ctrl key to make multiple selections.

Make sure to click Save when you are done with your selections.

Then go on to the next module.


Thanks alot for your help my friend. I'll try it. :D