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[bug] wrong PM link when name != username


If the displayed name is different than the username, sending private messages using forum links becomes impossible. The problem appeares in smf-1.1.RC2.

I've never seen that problem. My display name is different from my login name here, and I also know many people changing their display name regularly, but still having no error in links. And I'm talking about 1.1 RC2.

Can you define your problem more clearly? You can give an example link, may be.

I've narrowed the problem down. It only appears when the displayed name has double quotes in it. You can duplicate it by making a user with a name like formerly known as "john" and try sending him a PM.

Yes, I know I can't send PMs to double quoted users :) I agree this should be solved.

Tristan Perry:
Yep, it's a bug. It's annoying because one of my staff members has double quotes in his name and whenever he PMs me, I cannot PM him back without altering the To: field. Either SMF should not allow double quotes in username or fix the way it handles names in the To: field.


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