Need some help with an odd error

Started by whiplash21, November 24, 2014, 11:29:44 PM

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Hey all, first of all. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, new to the forums. Anyways, I uploaded a template and am getting some kind of odd graphical errors.

The really weird one to me is the text box being white. I looked under textarea and it is set to grey. If you have any ideas, or could point me in a direction to maybe look, it would be greatly appreciated!


You don't say which theme you're using. :(

On the theme's download page, you'll find "Comment on this theme?". (Yeah, I know it doesn't mention support. I tried to get it changed, but...)

If you click that, it'll take you to the theme's support topic. The author might well be able to help you out. It may be that something similar is already there, if you have a read through it. :)


Pic shows the theme  DarkModern by Crip

You should be able to get support for the theme ->