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[Bug] Non-standard Characters Get Converted to HTML Symbol Code in Polls...


Yesterday I created a stupid poll where the question is "Yes?" and every choice was "yes".  After Homie modified it, I went back and modified it again, but this time every option was "yes" in a different language. I even included Arabic, Russian and Greek. The only problem is that when I finished modifying the poll, it converted all the characters to their equivalent HTML symbol code.

So, instead of نَعَمْ I got &#1606 ;&#1614 ;&#1593 ;&#1614 ;&#1605 ;&#1618 ; (no spaces - I did that so it wouldn't change them to their characters, which, oddly enough, it does even if I put it in code or pre tags)

This needs to be fixed... Also, it shouldn't convert them in the code box.

You need to use a proper language file to use most languages.  This is a problem caused by Internet Explorer, but a workaround is done for the posting box.


Ah. It's not a big deal anyway since I will probably never need any languages with weird characters like that...


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