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This mod creates a new topic when a user registers on the forum.

If the member requires member activation the topic will be created at that time.

If the member is approved or activated via the admin panel the topic is also created.

Allows the use of multiple topic texts to be used randomly.
Select which board to post the topic in.
Select which member to post the topic under.

Place all bug reports and feature requests on this site:

good mod just what i was looking for, makes my life as an admin easier :)


--- Quote from: robotman321 on May 07, 2007, 11:50:29 PM ---good mod just what i was looking for, makes my life as an admin easier :)

--- End quote ---

Exactly what I was looking/waiting for too   8)

Very cool!  I installed it (no problems) and set up my welcome templates.  Within just a couple of hours I got a chance to test it with a new member registration.   I rushed to the assigned board, and sure enough, there was a personalized welcome message for my new member.  What a fantastic way to make new members feel welcome.

Thanks so much for this mod!


ı help

--- Code: ---Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /home/hatira/domains/ on line 243
--- End code ---

Topic add is problem

--- Code: --- $topicsubject = $func['htmlspecialchars']($_REQUEST['topicsubject'], ENT_QUOTES);
$topicbody = $func['htmlspecialchars']($_REQUEST['topicbody'], ENT_QUOTES);
--- End code ---

versiyon : rc2


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