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Rewriting the Customization Site

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Even before I became the customize team lead, I had an interest in seeing the customization being updated for modern times, streamlined, and made more user friendly not only to the team, but most importantly, to you guys, the users.

When I became the team lead, I had the perfect opportunity to implement my vision of the site and add a whole lot of features to make it really draw some attention and make mod development and support easier.  A few months back, I really got into learning about PHP OOP style of doing things, as well as MVC architectures.  Armed with some new knowledge, I dove into writing my own PHP MVC Framework which has now become the basis of the new customization site.  This will also be tightly integrated with SMF as well (and may even be released as a mod itself, who knows).

Let's highlight some of the features the new site will bring to

* Totally new design for all pages of the Customization Site
* Essentially all current features of the current customization site
* Customization Changelog
* Customization Issue (bug) Tracker
* - Public or Private status, with issues that can also be declared as public or private
* FAQ pages for customizations
* Ratings system for customizations
* XML/RSS Feeds for Customizations
* Customization Tutorials
* Customization Requests
*     - Allow community members to take on requests
*     - Allow requesters to manage their request
*     - Status/Progress bars
* Package Parser that is able to show the contents in a raw format of all files in a Customization (Similar to how the Package Manager does it)
* Package Maker
* Community Customizer implementation - Allow the community to assist in reviewing unapproved modifications
* Support for customizations will be given on the Customization site, rather than on the forum
* Language editor for customizations - ability to automatically package these as well
* Automated checking of customization packages for approval purposes
* Versions does not work with, versions works with, versions untested with
* Advanced 'Report as unsafe' feature
* Mod transfers will no longer require customization team approval/assistance
This is a very long list of things to implement, and the entire site is being rewritten from scratch, so it will take some time, and you won't likely see all of these features at once, but rolled out in waves as I build and test modules with the team.

  Sounds like a very well thought out plan.  I think a lot of the features you suggested will be very helpful for the site overall.  Can't wait to see the progress.


Wow, that is certainly a huge list of things SD. :)

Personally, I can't wait to see some of these things be implemented. Any advancement in the site is a wonderful thing indeed. It was kind of a few months back since the first post about having a new Cust site, but this just reaffirms that good things are on there way. I hope that the first little glance at this is released soon for the community to marvel at.

I'm not sure how many other people have said it, but thank for putting the work in revamping the Customization Site, SlammedDime. It's appreciated by one person to say the least. :)

Looking great, SlammedDime.

Hopefully it'll be appreciated by users (since as cool as it is I won't be using it)

Good to see someone continuing with my plans (and adding to them) after I left.


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