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2.0 Update Part 3

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I figured I'd let you all in on where we stand with 2.0.  We are itching to get the charter beta released and only a few bugs stand in our way.

There are a group of bugs related to the upgrader which was redone for 2.0.  Releasing 2.0 with a broken upgrader just isn't a good idea.  Once those bugs are cleared up we will be in a much better position to release 2.0 beta.

I haven't crunched the numbers but our the past few weeks we've dropped our total number of bugs (some of which don't affect 2.0) from 150 to under 120.  Considering that we've had new reports coming in during the same time frame I think we are doing good.

Now while 120 bugs sound like a lot, it isn't as bad as it seems.  A bug can actually be a feature request, a typo in a comment, a forum halting error, and everything in-between.  I went through the bugs marked for 2.0 last night and the majority where minor issues that shouldn't delay anthing.

Thanks all for you patience.

Just so I understand this:
[*] You're eager to get the charter beta released.
[*] Once those bugs are cleared up, you can release it.
[*] There are fewer bugs than there were.
[*] Most of the bugs shouldn't delay anything
Well, that certainly clears it up for me.  :P

Pretty much yep :P

sounds like a pretty succinct analysis to me

Part 3?  Just so I'm correct, the past two updates by Grudge were "Part 1" and "Part 2", right? :-P

(Dang, now this makes me wanna' be a CM).


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