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EDIT: Please move to mod requests


sorry about the title, but couldn't think of clear one

I'd like to create a specific board which allows the 'Regular Members' (as in now 1.1 beta) to upload articles for submission, but these will be reviewed and commented on by say, another created member group 'Reviewers', and not other Reg Members, apart from the topic starter.

Basically, I'd like to have a specific board which has permissions for the following:

'Regular Members' can view the board and create a topic, ie. have permission to read/reply only to their own thread
Other Regular Members can view all posted topics titles, but cannot enter/read the thread; they can only post their own topics
So when a regular member enters the board, they can see other posted topics, but they only have read/reply access to their own. If they haven't posted anything, they would just be able to see the list of other posted topic titles (to allow members to see what kinds of article titles are being submitted)

And the Reviewers group would have access to all the topics, to read, reply etc, and not just view the list

Can this be done?
Or is there a different way of doing this? Perhaps via mambo?

The idea is that a reg members submitting an article will get various feedback thru the process of the article being accepted, so a forum thread seems sensible. But the submitted article and feedback would not be accessible to other reg members
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Interesting idea.  I could use this as well.

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In terms of this article submission, I think (dare I say it) vbulletin has something like this.

They use it over at The Admin Zone for article submission. Though the only difference is that you don't get to see other submitted article titles, which actually isn't a big deal if that bit can't be done easily.

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There's a phpbb hack called 'Author Reply' which seems to almost do the job - posting it as it's got a neat description

##      MOD Description: This mod will, when enabled in the admin panel, add an
##      option to each topic wich allows users to claim theire own
##      topics for themselves. This means that no other members then
##      can reply, except for moderators and admins. The topic will
##      look like it's closed, but not for the topic poster.

EDIT: Sorry, I don't think this the right place to post this topic - it's a mod request. Could it be moved please.
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