Who are we?


Simple Machines started as a project under Lewis Media, Inc. In 2007, the Simple Machines Forum project was split off and formed its own company, organized as Simple Machines, LLC. In June of 2010, Simple Machines reformed as a not-for-profit organization (NPO) registered in Nevada. The transfer of assets from LLC to NPO was completed in April of 2011 and in May of 2011, Simple Machines, LLC was dissolved.


Simple Machines is a member run organization. We are led by an elected Board of Directors as indicated in our Bylaws. The people who form the Simple Machines organization are a diverse group of individuals from around the world. Each project that is under the Simple Machines umbrella has its own teams, such as Customization, Development, Documentation, Localization and Support. Additionally, there are two corporate level teams that span multiple projects; Marketing and Project Support (site and server administration). All team members from all involved projects make up the membership of the Simple Machines organization.

The organization currently includes one project: Simple Machines Forum, our root and flagship product.


Simple Machines plans to expand our project portfolio, by inviting and accepting additional projects into our organizational structure.
At this time we do not hold 501 status with the IRS, but we are actively pursuing it and expect to obtain it in the very near future.