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Re: RSS Feed Icon for boards
« Reply #300 on: March 06, 2019, 03:27:34 PM »
+Added support for SMF 2.1.x
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Re: RSS Feed Icon for boards
« Reply #301 on: March 12, 2019, 06:36:46 PM »
Might have found a bug (SMF 2.1 RC1)

The board index normally lists the board names inside of an anchor. Like this:

Code: [Select]
<div class="info">
     <a class="subject mobile_subject" href="" id="b2">
Board title
<p class="board_description mobile_display"></p>
    <p class="board_description"></p>

Note where the anchor closes. When you ad this mod, it puts the RSS icon and its link right after the "board title", before the "<p class" but importantly, before the anchor closes. So it's an anchor inside an anchor, which is invalid HTML.

I'm seeing inconsistent results (one FF instance shows the RSS icons, another on another computer doesn't) and was trying to troubleshoot, and came across this.

A second, weirder thing that is most certainly me not understanding how things work: the modifications to BoardIndex.template.php are "taking", but not the modifications to MessageIndex.template.php. I mean, the changes are done to the file on the server, but not appearing in the resulting source when viewing the messages inside of a given board. So even on the Firefox computer that is showing the RSS iconds for theboard index, there are none on the message index. Now, you're going to ask me: are you using a non-default theme? And yes, I am (Cleo). So here's where you educate me and I become smarter: in the files for the theme, there is neither a MessageIndex.template.php nor a BoardIndex.template.php file. So I assume then just the default ones are used...? And the default/MessageIndex.template.php is getting modified, so.... *scratches head*.  Another theme I have installed.... Lunarfall... does have both of those files, and when you go to install the RSS mod you're given the option to apply to that theme's files as well, so it makes sense.

Anyway, feel free to pull a Ygritte, tell me "you know nothing", beat me with a cluestick and hopefully I learn something in all this. Thanks!

(PS: don't waste time worrying about why this one Firefox isn't displaying the RSS icons... I'm sure it's a boneheaded add-on blocking it... I'll figure it out eventually).

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Re: RSS Feed Icon for boards
« Reply #302 on: April 19, 2019, 12:20:59 AM »
Any updates on the before mentioned bug or an update for SMF 2.1 RC2?

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Re: RSS Feed Icon for boards
« Reply #303 on: April 24, 2019, 04:44:20 AM »
Haven't had time to look into it yet will do so when I return from vacation
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