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Blue Crystal

Started by .Darkman, July 22, 2006, 11:45:12 AM

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Link to the theme

This is a cool looking theme Easy-Going on eyes.
I have used blod images for icons and navigation menu. This is a blue version of the theme. I am planning to release multi color of this theme.
Demo - http://www.gfxindia.com/smf/index.php?theme=19

I'll soon post the .psd files on my site. currently the .psd file for the smaller buttons are available within the package.

Clever Tutorials - One place for all of them . . .
SMF Theme Works


The calendar_hov.gif is missing?



OH I forgot that people use Calendar. Bcoz i don't use it.
I'll update the theme with calendar option.

Clever Tutorials - One place for all of them . . .
SMF Theme Works


Please, give us the source Button for making a Italian Button?


Clever Tutorials - One place for all of them . . .
SMF Theme Works


thank you, believe to register to get the package?


Without the original Icon? Don't have you please the psd like the english button that are in the zip theme package (english lang) I like very much, like theme too, very raffinate and simple.


I am having slowdowns on my website when I try using this theme.  There is no slow down if I am using Firefox. But there is lag when using Internet Explorer.


Needs a 1.1.1 final update
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Demo site's down, sadly.

mama daisy

how do i make my own boardfrom mama daisy
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Can you upgrade the theme so it will work for 1.1.3?


Guys you can update the theme manually for yourselves

Firstly follow these instructions
1.1RC2 ---> 1.1RC3

then only once you have changed what you can using the about then

1.1RC3 ---> 1.1 Final

and 1.1 final files will work on 1.1.3 (to save people asking)


very nice theme,
but how can we use this in 1.1.5 ?