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Started by Grudge, August 12, 2006, 06:09:49 AM

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This mode is no longer suported, because it is included in SMF 2.0's core code.  Just upgrade to SMF 2.0 RC3 or newer.

To the Other guy, that couldn't figure out how to get people to pay, there is a link in their profile, something like this:;sa=subscriptions

Leto Atreides II

Quote from: on August 23, 2010, 11:23:32 AM
This mode is no longer suported, because it is included in SMF 2.0's core code.  Just upgrade to SMF 2.0 RC3 or newer.
WOW. How's that for a coincidence - of the nine 1.1.11 forums and single 2.0 RC3 forum I have on my site, the only one I was planning to make a paid-membership site already had that feature built in! I snooped around in my Admin panel until I found it and turned it on.

If one uses PayPal, does the PayPal e-mail remain hidden to users, or is it visible to anyone who makes a payment? And can the system be set up to process credit card payments directly instead of going through PayPal?


Installed fine on 1.1.11 for me. Great mod!


I have installed it, clicked enable, added subscriptions, and changed the site to where you have to be in the "special" membergroup to read the posts.  My problem is that when I log in as a new member I just dont see anything other than the banner and the stats at the bottom.  Where are the members supposed to go to purchase a subscription? 

Is there a way for me to make it to where they can see everything on the index page but in order to view them they have to get a subscription?


codymunger - not from this mod itself, but the mod will provide you with the ability to change user groups and there's a mod called view only boards that you can use in combination to set it so all groups can see but only premium groups can go in


Where are people supposed to go to make a subscription once I enable it on the site?  Do I have to make a button from paypal?


no, it should be in their profile area


Ok, we have the mod installed and up and running, however, how does a subscriber cancel his membership and choose not to use recurring payments.  For example, with the test account, we went through the subscription and checked the recurring payments box.  When approved I went through with the test account to see if there was somewhere to cancel recurring payments and I could not find it.  Also, it made me pay with an e-check.  Is there a way to pay with just a Paypal balance?  Does this have something to do with being a verified or confirmed member with Paypal?


Before I download and install this mod, I would like to know if it will do what I would like it to:

1. We charge $30/yr for the first year and $20/yr after that. Can it do this?

2. Some of our members will opt to pay cash in person or check by mail. Can I manually authorize payment for these exceptions?

3. The way I have it set up now is that if they don't pay by a certain time, their membergroup is changed to a restricted one with limited access, once they pay, they get their upgraded membergroup back. Can it make this process automated?

4. I understand that 2.0 has this feature built-in. Right now I am running 1.1.11—would it be worth it to install 2.0 just for this ability? We are a small board with about 50 members.



Just for any one else look for help for my problem, I installed this and it wasn't working - it was giving me this error:

QuoteSome of the files the package manager needs to modify are not writable. This needs to be changed by logging into FTP and using it to chmod or create the files and folders.

I thought it was a permission problem or a path problem, but it was neither. The solution for me was to create a directory called "subs" in the forum root. Worked like a charm!


The mod is working fine now, I just need some extra help.

Sometimes after my subscriber pays, I need to change their membergroup again manually, but when their subscription ends, it won't revert back to the original membergroup, it just keeps them in the membergroup that I manually put them into. Is there any way to edit the mod or code in any way to keep them in a certain membergroup when they are not a paid subscriber?d



You shouldn't put them in manually, it does it automatically. When the subscription ends I'm not sure if it sends them back to the regular user group or not.


I don't put them in manually, but I have several membergroups and need to "upgrade" their membership occasionally. When I do this, it won't put them back in the default membergroup when the subscription expires, it keeps them where they are. I need to know how to circumvent this problem, if possible.

Laura CGA

Sorry, but where do I find it in 2.0 RC4?

Laura CGA


Hey everyone, I am loving this mod! I just have 1 big issue, i have installed it all (i am using 1.1.11 if that makes a difference) problem is now when i click on a profile i get this error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare subscriptions() (previously declared in /home/content/a/n/0/an0nymoushelp/html/forums/Sources/Profile.php:2975) in /home/content/a/n/0/an0nymoushelp/html/forums/Sources/Profile.php on line 3319

I really need too get this all back up very quickly so if anyone could help me out i would appreciate it SO much!

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!

EDIT: I figured it out, for some reason it installed twice.


Will there be an update for 201? 1 if so do you no when?? Because right now the "Start Date and Time:" and "End Date and Time:" Are both between 2004 and 2010...


Given that the author hasn't been around for a while, and that it's a core feature of 2.0, I wouldn't expect an update any time soon.


Hi All,

Not sure what is going on with my Paid Subscriptions mod - I've created the button via PayPal, set the IPN URL, created a 'Paid Subscriptions' member group with proper permissions, installed the mod and set the default group, yet it seems nothing happens once the customer pays via PayPal. No errors are displayed, but they are not automatically redirected back to the forum nor is an account created - its as if the IPN is not doing anything at all to update data on the site.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? I even tried using the create username/password feature in PayPal but the data was not added to the forum so the generated info is useless. What am I missing here? Seems like this should be a simple fix but I don't know where the problem lies...

Running SMF version 1.1.12 btw