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Started by erand, April 09, 2009, 05:44:02 PM

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So I was looking to create a multi-forum site based on SMF :) like hxxp:forum.domain.com [nonactive] (with subdomains)

I have searched in the forum but I wont to be sure...

Is multi forum possible with SMF? (ex. when users register and create a new forum) If yes can you post a link of the script?

Can a user create a warez forum, any issue?

at the moment these are the questions :D maybe I will have more after the answer(s)

Thank you


Well, this would take some coding. I know vbgamer45 is selling the script to one like this.


There are already a few scripts that allow you to do that, but the only one I can think of at the moment is www.smfmf.com.

As far as users setting up a warez forum - it would be up to you to decide what kinds of forums to allow. While we do not approve of such forums, we do not restrict what kinds of forums you can set up with our software.
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Thanks for replies, seems SMF multiforum is not free  :P I have forum an other script with a free multiforum mod :D