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Official SMF Add-On

Started by David, May 20, 2004, 12:45:44 AM

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It is with great honor and pleasure that I get to announce a new and upcoming add-on to SMF.  The past month has been a quite exciting one as we have been working closely with Kevin on converting a popular Invision Board portal so that its version two release works natively with SMF.  This will provide an easy upgrade path not just for those of you wanting a portal on your site, but also Invision Board users running this software already.  A conversion on a live site has already been performed and is running great.

At this time, we are not announcing the name of this portal nor providing a link to the project.  I hope that these screenshots will start to appease your curiosity.  Bribing staff members for the link will not work.  (Definitely depends on the bribe though.)

Thanks again to Kevin and his supporters for all of their hard work!  In all honesty, this is the most complete and best-engineered integration project I have ever worked with for YaBB SE or SMF.  Please also let us know, by posting in this thread, if you are interested in beta testing this portal when the time comes.
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Man I can't wait to try this one out.
Thank you sooo much to all involved :D :D :D

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OOO! Now it's "official"! :)

Nice to see some screenshots from the admin site.

Now, the fun part. My site is using the LSP Enigma portal. Now I have to decide whether to wait for Nebula or maybe switch to this new system (which would be a lot of work - but it could be done)... :)

I'll have to keep an eye on this system.
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love it and want it. looking forward to its release


Looks intriguing and interesting.

Can you peak our curiosity a bit more, by telling us some more about the project?


You'll find out more about it when the time is right...
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Is it right, that looks like a PHPnuke system, is n't?

Very wonderful add-on (or mod?)   ;D
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No, it isn't PHP-Nuke. Notice David's "hint":

Quote from: David on May 20, 2004, 12:45:44 AM
This will provide an easy upgrade path not just for those of you wanting a portal on your site, but also Invision Board users running this software already.

"Add-on" is the correct term, because this doesn't just modify the forum - it gives you an entire portal.
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Jeff Lewis

As a non portal fan, I'm even going to give this a spin on one of my sites :)
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I'd be glad to beta test this puppy if you still need volunteers.




Some web with this Add-On that this working?


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¿Qué es el repair_settings?
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OOh, this is soooo gorgeous. I would be more then happy to test it as soon as there is a version to test ;)
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Wow! intriguing ;)

wanna see some live action too...
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I would love to test this .. especially as I have just ripped Nuke out of my site for being too .. er, crappily insecure :-\

I also have a bribe ;D - a fully working integration with Coppermine ;) (then I can get working on combining all of them into some un-holy trinity :o >:D


Wow! It looks pretty good.


I love it .. especially the WYSIWYG :)
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


Wow! Cool I'll have to check this out when its available.


Definitely!  8)

Count me in! Anything that involves testing or learning PHP/MYsql is good for me. I'm trying to learn this stuff so bad, i'm willing to try anything. Let me know when the testing begins.

Thanks for the hard work,
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Rpg Cyco

Finally, an official portal! I am open for BETA testing as well. :)

Wow.... can't wait to get my hands on this. :o


Rpg Cyco