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language problem

Started by baladeva, September 13, 2006, 10:52:59 AM

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in my forum i use different language like: english german croatian russian: for example,
in the template i have put a drop_ down_menu, so user's can select some language right there ......

after upgrading from rc2 to rc3, this funktion is no more working so well, as i have some things like š in the post's and also in the forum and thread_title's,

point is - that when i am in german language, and i just go after the forum_menu to the forum with croatian language post's,  for example, then - that errors do not appear,

but when i call a forum  with: ...... index.php/language=croatian


i have this errors,

so far, i did not convert to utf_8 and i do not use utf_8 language_files,
as all was running very nice in rc2,

now i am looking for some help .....

problem solved by turn all to utf-8, thank you a lott