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Started by Parham, August 29, 2003, 05:52:12 PM

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My recommendation would be:


download and install the following two files:
the actual software:

a version of PHP set up to work only with DEVPHP:

After you've installed both, run dev-PHP.  When I post code snippets, you can copy those snippets directly into dev-PHP.  For example, from lesson 2:


<? print 'php code here'; ?>


when you've copied the snippet into dev-php, press F9, and you can see the output.  This saves you time from saving the file into your "www" directory, running easyphp then doing it from your browser :).

Plus, it's just a good piece of software to develop PHP in :D

Chris Cromer

I used to use dev-php as well... but I tried out conText when I saw [Unknown] using it, and have switched to context for my php coding. :)

You can find context here:
Chris Cromer

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Zef Hemel

I've worked with Context for a while, but found some naughty bugs in the editor, I must admit I can't exactly remember what those were :-[

Anyway, for PHP I prefer Komodo, but as my trial expired I now use EditPlus again.


I'm using Zend Studio, it isn't realy cheap (better said: it's expensive) but I didn't find a better php developent tool for Linux (ok i didn't search long enough :D )


ConTEXT owns, and not even for PHP alone, also for, well, almost any other programming language out there.

Yami King


I'm new to this forum. I registered at this forum especially to reply on your post.
I'd like to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH this is the first PHP editor I have downloaded (and believe me I have downloaded many php editors ) ;) and this was the only one that could show me the result in the browser so THANK YOU! :D ;D


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I use both Context, and mainly PHP Expert editor. Fast, intuitive and has project management(simplistic but still), "test code" function for those pesky php errors, quick-help. Just about all I need. ;D And don't cost all that much.

I have tried both komodo and zend.. but I feel they somewhat take away the focus - namely writing the code.


I've been using ConTEXT for months now and will not give it up for any other text editor. :)



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I am running Linux Ubuntu 6.06, which editor would you recommend and how do I obtain and install it?




Quote from: designm on August 24, 2007, 12:39:00 PM
I am running Linux Ubuntu 6.06, which editor would you recommend and how do I obtain and install it?


I'd recommend gEdit if you're using Gnome (Assuming you are, as you mentioned Ubuntu not kUbuntu), but for KDE, Kate would work best imo.




I use eclipse pdt as well. It will be a great framework when the debugging issues are fixed.

I also tried Dreamweaver until it messed with my sessions. Took me a few hours to find out it was due to its adding the Unicode BOM into the file. If you ever get the message saying the headers have been sent while it possibly can't have happened, check it out. Depending on the character set you're using, you may see or not   on top of the page.


Personally I convinced my work to get me PHP Designer 2008 and I really like it.


Is there an editor that can convert HTML into a valid PHP snippet?


Yes and No... you still have to code the HTML into the PHP.