Third party Image Upload

Started by theguy, October 29, 2006, 12:13:43 AM

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Hi SMFers,

I am associated with a site that pays for page views for the uploaded images to their site. We have created an API which can help developers to integrate the image uploading and other services into software like SMF.

The API provides full control to the web developers/webmasters and the user's don't need to leave the SMF forum to upload pictures.

I think this mod can save a lot of bandwidth for lots of webmasters (who use attachment mod/hack) and also generate them some extra cash. The users will upload the images, the community will view them and the webmaster will earn money. Webmaster can also reward the users who upload more images in form of cash, points, premium membership etc. It can also be integrated with SMF's other mods.

If someone is willing to help us with this please let me know. I can provide you with more information like API specs and other info. We can also compensate the developer if required.



Are there any rules about the content on the pictures.. like no nudity and no porno alowed ?

Just curious  :)


Anyone? I hope I did not post this to a wrong forum - Mods/ senior members please let me know if I did.

We need this quick it will be great if some one can help us with this. As I said earlier, we are willing to pay the developer or donate the money to SMF for their contribution.

Thanks for looking at this.