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Custom Edit Times

Started by Rudolf, January 03, 2007, 02:24:35 PM

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Custom Edit Times - Modification for SMF
version 1.0
© 2006, Rudolf Martincsek
This mod allows to set the "Maximum time after posting to allow edit" and "Courtesy edit wait time" settings based on member groups.

You can find the settings in the Modify page of every member group.
How it works:
- Activate the mod by going to  Admin -> Posts and Topics  and check "Enable the edit times based on member groups"
- If the member is part of more then 1 group the smallest value is used.
- If the custom value is bigger then the default, then the default value is used.
- If no value is specified or it is 0, then the default value is used.
I will update all my mods in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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can you do a  between posting delay based on member groups as well? and  something so that i can give larger signatures to certain member groups..?

i would love to be able to restrict new users from posting like crazy to get up the ranks.




I updated the package with the "Spam Wait Time" setting included.
Note that this limits the posting done from the same IP. Example: if you set for a membergroup 86400 seconds, then if another person is in the same group posting from the same IP, it will be restricted from posting.
I will update all my mods in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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so if Jimmy and Joe are in the same member group on the same IP they will be restricted by eachothers posts

but if jimmy and some guy bob are on different IP but the same membergroup they will not be restricted by eachothers posts.

am i understanding that correctly?


and if jimmy is in a different member group than Joe but the same ip they will both be restricted by eachothers post


installed.. we'll see how it works :)




okay having issues..

i set my board default at 45 seconds

and all my post count groups at 0  so they work at the default 45

my ASM (annual supporting member) group i have set at 1

so that basically dont have a wait time.

for some reason it still makes the asm go by the post count groups.. i dont really even want the whole post counting group stuff... but i think its there wether i want it or not

So basically i want my ASM membergroup value to override the Jr.member or Newbie group value . I dont have the permissions based off of the posting just the member groups


it seems like it bases it only off of the post ranks and not the custom ranks


Is there a way to totally disable the cortesy edit wait time for admins? So let's say I as admin edit a post made 2 weeks ago it won't show the last edited by message?
For some reason I can't change anything for the Administrator membergroup.


i got it working had to play with the member groups a little but it does what i want now


when a person  tries to post and doesnt wait more  than 45 seconds  they get the message telling them they didnt wait the 45seconds.. is there a way to edit that message to encourage members to maybe purchase my paid membership subscription to remove that 45 second rule for them ?


Seems to not work with 1.1.5.
Enabling the option just doesn't seem to do anything, it was applied fine. No errors.

Any ideas?
Beta. Software undergoes beta testing shortly before it's released. Beta is Latin for 'still doesn't work.'


just installed it on 1.1.6 :/ let's see if it will work.....

-i just realized the package/mod info says it's only compatible with 1.1.3
are you planning to update this mod? or is there a mod like this that's completely compatible with 1.1.6? :)


Hi Rudolf,
I'd like to thank you for helping me to create this mod 2 years ago, it is still very useful today. Will you be able to help make it work on SMF 2 please?
Many thanks.


I could use this mod too. Would anyone be so kind to make it work with SMF 2.0 RC2? Thanks in advance. :)



Wij zoeken diergerelateerde fora ter overname.
Pb gerust als je geen tijd of zin meer hebt om uw forum te onderhouden.


ReAliTy iS JuST a DrEAm. HaCk ThE PLaNet!



where is the information of every member stored (I don't mean the settings to every membergroup, but where the script get it's information to calculate the time between posts).