Error: "Board structure corrupt; unable to find parent board."

Started by tim antley, January 12, 2007, 08:59:24 AM

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tim antley

SMF Version: SMF 1.1.1
Using: SMF 1.1.1 / TinyPortal 0.9.7

I am now receiving this message when trying to access my established forum.

Board structure corrupt; unable to find parent board.

All was well approximately 4 hours prior when I logged off, with posts being added and users viewing boards.

TP is displaying forum info properly (recent posts, members, etc) in the blocks.

I can not access the admin or any other pages through the ?action= directive.

The last mod added was RSS Post- which worked fine but I decided to not use it. (It remains installed however.) I can not load anything to remove it.

I did a forum recount last night, and I have a SQL backup available for the tables. (Just not sure how to restore!)

Any ideals? Searching for the "board corrupt" message did not yield any usable results. [nofollow]

tim antley

Resolved the problem by replacing the 'index.php' file from a backup (yea!) in the /forums directory.

The apparent cause looks to be RSS FeedPost, as this was the last mod installed. It does not have an uninstall option that works.

Everything is looking good at this point. [nofollow]


I know it's an old topic but this solved my problems I think. Thanks for posting your solution.