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[THEME] Holiday Theme (1.1RC1)

Started by snork13, November 23, 2005, 05:35:28 PM

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Yes, scorp got it  :)

It's exactly what I said earlier, so try that again girls4christ.


Again a problem.  I'm not sure which version you're working with, but in 1.0.5 it's not a browse button it's simply an install button where you link to a directory on your server where the theme is located.  Now I don't know if I have been making sense or not but my point from the very start was that SMF tells me there isn't a theme in the directory that I link to.


I see...didn't mention it earlier.  I'm not sure if it works on 1.05 since the author seems to have made it for 1.1 RC1.


That is correct greyknight. Also, Thank you for all your help. is a link to a theme that works with 1.05



Now I have a new problem. Since installing the holiday thme, my error log is recording 7000+ errors per day. The error message is as follows:
Quote8: Undefined index: today_is_birthday
File: /home/scorp/public_html/yabbse/Themes/Holiday2/MessageIndex.template.php (eval?)
Line: 185

Any ideas on how to modify that file to eliminate the errors?


Quote from: girls4christ on December 11, 2005, 03:38:21 PM
The theme won't upload for me.  I am positive I am doing it right because I have uploaded 3 other themes before, but whenever I try to upload yours to the forum it says that the file doesn't exist, and I know it does because I uploaded it to my server. 

Above the area where I can install a new theme it says, "Warning - you cannot create or install a new theme as your themes directory is not currently writable!".  It has said this since I got the forum, but this has not hindered me installing new themes before so I don't see why it is now.

For all the people who are having  errors.. above..  please rename the    Xml.template.php   to   theme_info.xml   that will solve all your problems similar to above.. that's all..  I had to figure it out myself...