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Require minimum number of characters in search

Started by Metho, August 18, 2004, 09:24:30 PM

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I saw AMA did a little nifty thing with JS to accomplish this, and I agreed with Tomer that php would just generally be better for it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I'd give everyone the option to choose php or JS for this. Mainly I did it to play with SMF, as this is the first chance I've actually forced myself to sit down for ten minutes and actually have fun with it! I have to give congrats to the dev team. The code is so much more refined, both in structure, use, and ease than yabbse, which is saying a lot. Thanks guys, and I hope I'll start doing more things, both big and small, to give back.

- Methonis


1. Download the php file ( and upload it to your server. Execute the file to insert the values into your database settings. (ex. If you upload searchminchar_db.php to, open your browser and type in to execute the script.

There is no MOD file right now, but the changes are limited, so make the changes in these files:

In Search.php, FIND: fatal_lang_error('no_valid_search_string', false);

ADD AFTER: if ($modSettings['searchminEnable'] == '1' && strlen($search_params['search']) < $modSettings['searchminChar'])
fatal_error('Sorry, you must have at least ' . $modSettings['searchminChar'] . ' characters to search.');

In ModSettings.php, FIND: array('int', 'search_results_per_page'),

ADD AFTER:         array('check', 'searchminEnable', null, &$txt['search_min_enable']),
array('int', 'searchminChar', null, &$txt['search_min_char']),

In ModSettings.english.php, FIND:$txt['search_weight_first_message'] = 'Relative search weight for a first message match';

ADD AFTER:$txt['search_min_enable'] = 'Require a minimum number of characters for search';
$txt['search_min_char'] = 'Minimum number of characters to search for';

That should be it. Now in Edit Features and Options in the Search category you will have two new options. Check the box to enable the feature, and put the a number in the box to dictate the MINIMUM number of characters to allow a search. It defaults the 3 when first installed.

Hope to get someone to confirm this is working. I did it quickly, and quite possibly forgot something. I'll release a mod file soon so you hopefully won't have to do it manually. Have fun.

*This useless feature brought to you by: Methonis - Creating bloat since YaBBSE*
Joshua "Methonis" Frazer
Support Specialist
The Simple Machines Team


Well done .. though I did not try it yet .. but it looks like it should work .. dare to say it should be a standard feature :)

now all what left is to make search remembers when was the last search done by a user to restrict him to a specific time .. but I guess it is much .. way too much :)

thanks for the effort.
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


Was your idea in the first place, and I rather liked it and saw the sense in it. I just have a fear of anything non-php so I had to port it. :P

- Methonis
Joshua "Methonis" Frazer
Support Specialist
The Simple Machines Team


Im using SMF 1.1 RC1.

I cant find this code in search.php
fatal_lang_error('no_valid_search_string', false);

Pls help.


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Oh. I've run the searchminchar_db.php.
How can i reverse it back?