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Started by Joshua Dickerson, February 07, 2007, 02:34:01 AM

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I'm fairly pleased with the current ACP, but there are a couple of improvements I'd like to see in the next version...

  • Ability to quickly change theme on the "Current Theme" page (a drop down maybe?) to speed up work on multiple themes
  • Improved hierarchical structure. My opinion isn't necessarily the best one, so I won't go into too much detail, but personally, I miss a "Features" category (so we would end up with something like this):

    • Features

      • Basic Features and Options
      • Calendar
      • Karma (MOD material if you ask me :P)
      • Search
      • etc

    • Forum

      • Boards (and Categories)
      • Topics
      • Posts
  • Somewhat related to the above: If possible/logical, options can have multiple access points - in my opinion, Attachments, Smileys and Message Icons belong under "Features", but they can also be sub-options under Forum > Posts
  • Page Indexes both at the top and bottom (i.e. "View all members", "Ban log", etc.)
  • A link to the admin part of the online manual
    like this maybe:


I posted this in another thread about the next generation ACP, but I'll post a link to it here since this is probably the place it should have been posted in the first place... In my opinion, this could be a nice improvement of the ACP's usability for new SMF admins:


I would also rather have in the manage themes not break out each section of code, lay the entire code in one text area ;)


Moderation Log
Entries in the moderation log are presented on two lines, and with the background colour changing between windowbg and windowbg2 every line, it becomes difficult to see which lines belong together. It would be much better if the background colour changed every other line, so both lines of a log entry had the same background colour, or use borders to separate the entries like in the error log.


I noticed some people suggested cosmetic changes to the admin section. You might want to look at the ultimate them I uploaded, where you can skin the entire admin section separately from the rest of the board.  For example, I have a dark blue back with white letters on the center headings in admin.  There are a few options that still use the standard windowbg and windowbg2, but very few.

here are some of the var names you can style in css:


etc. there are a few more

it makes you feel special (or your moderators with admin privs) to go into an area that looks totally different.


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What about a "preview" function for the e-mails we send to the members?


Definatly a good idea.
I always send out html newsletters.
First I check it in dreamweaver, then send a copy to myself and then to the whole forum.
Just to make sure everything looks as it should.
So a preview would be great :)


Also maybe even an html editor for it too just to make it all snazzy. But could the variables still be used in this editor.

I recommend FCKEditor cuz Tinyportal built it in to their system and it works great :)


I'd like to see a more colourful and large admin centre, with a few images or something for each section because right now its plain and boring..
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I think the Admin Center is clear and easy to use. I love the package installer. When I used PHPBB I found installing mods to be a pain, but with SMF it is simple and quick.

The only suggestion I have for the Admin Center would be for the membergroups and permissions.
Perhaps they could go under one tab, and it should be easier to access all the options.

For example if I want to change the 'stars' I go into one part, but then if i want to change what boards this usergroup can see or edit, I have to go to another part.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it isn't very clear. Perhaps it would be better if it just listed the groups.

Regular Groups

JR Member

And you just clicked on the group you wanted to change and all the option came up.
So for example I click on 'Sponsor' and then on the next page I can change the star, change the amounts of stars, change his name colour to silver, allow him to see all the boards, allow him to edit boards 1 and 2, allow him to edit his posts etc...

Sorry If I am not very clear.

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I am looking very forward to the admistrator panel of the new version 2.0. I read that it would have many new things


Hehe... I thought about suggesting an ACP search a while ago, but I decided not to post it because it sounded rather far-fetched in my head :P Lo and behold, judging by 2.0 Alpha's changelog, it seems like something along these lines have been implemented... It will be interesting to see how close it is to the idea I had 8)


Does anyone know when 2.0 comes out? (an estimate atleast)


As asked and answered many times before, a loose goal for when we hope to have SMF released is mentioned in the 2.0 announcement topic.

QuoteWhilst we are not able to commit to a firm timetable for release of 2.0 we are hoping to get an initial beta in the hands of our Charter Members come June this year, with the first public beta likely to be around late October.
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I haven't read it all, so....

What would be great, I mean a real time saver would be a simple groups drop down next to the members name in admin giving the admin the ability to rapidly assign groups, moderators, admins, permissions.

What I have seen is boards with 200 or more people and 5 tiers of permissions divided among that 5 groups (10 with master admin, Moderators and moderator groups have to be there as well)

So adding 200 ATM is tedious unless you know what the data base can do.....


Thats a long time not being a charter member. It takes that long to beta test?

EDIT: of course this looks like a big release so that might be why. :)


Quote from: brianjw on May 05, 2007, 05:32:57 PM
Thats a long time not being a charter member. It takes that long to beta test?

EDIT: of course this looks like a big release so that might be why. :)

That''s one of the benefits of being a charter member. And it takes time to beta test, cause these guys work thorougly and deliever a great and perfect work


I'll do this in two ways. (what I first thought and what changed after becoming used to smf)

First thoughts;
I personally thought it looked messy and I wasn't keen on it. (I loved the front end) I did like the information displayed when you login with all the handy links, although I took awhile to become used to.

My thoughts now;
I still believe it could be more organised and more easier to navigate. The learning of how the control panel worked would of been much quicker if it was more tidy, although these are just what I thought.

I'd love smf to to for the IPB/PhpBB style admin center, with the top navigation and sections within. I do prefer IPB's style although it could be improved like all things.

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Quote from: kerrang! on May 20, 2007, 08:22:37 PM
I'd love smf to to for the IPB/PhpBB style admin center, with the top navigation and sections within. I do prefer IPB's style although it could be improved like all things.

That is an option on how to do things, in fact, IPB is actually a mix of our sidebar which you can use or the new method which if you look in Introducing SMF 2.0 you can see contains a drop down.

You can switch between the two easily. Which is not shown in those screen shots. ;)

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