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Started by Trekkie101, May 29, 2007, 09:32:12 AM

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Ever get the feeling you spend hours on something and yet accomplish absolutely nothing, well for the past few weeks that's exactly what I've felt, constantly, I seriously cannot put on a bit of paper any progress I've made on anything, yet I seem to have less time than ever before...

Today has been a finishing day, a day where I've looked at past things I attempted but didn't complete and now I'm completing them, and today, I've made progress! One of my favourite websites was always world mood, it's never accurate but it was fun to play with, but its not very pretty in my opinion, so I made my new site so I can learn a bit more PHP.

To learn PHP I decided I'd either go with an OOP implementation, MVC Framework, or standard blunt PHP. I'm a procrastinator by nature, now after about a week of just looking, I decided PHP and OOP don't seem to look very good in the way everyone does it, namely because they create classes and objects that aren't needed and style it in too many weird ways.

OOP = Object Orientated Programming, basically it works on the principal, you create a master fucntion which is called a "class", from this class you define stuff that's throughout every other "class" (function) and it automatically inherits all the information. Its main advantage is that it reduces the amount of code, reduces the scope for errors, and can reduce development time highly.

MVC = Model, View, Controller, SMF is currently moving in this direction. Model view controller lets you have three different "parts" to a program and helps improve organisation, the idea is your model is your schema and defined subroutines, things that are core, config, routes etc, while your view is your output, what people see and how it interacts with a browser. The controller is the part where you put your unique code, the stuff parsed, then sent to the view. This works well, as to add a new feature, you just add either a new controller or a new function to the controller, and it will take on the model parameters and work. It will make mod making and theme making greatly easier and allow more control. It uses the same standard syntax as PHP for the most part. I chose a program called CodeIgniter for myself to learn and I love it, its so easy and logical.

Standard PHP, a procedural language built through functions, low overhead and amazing control, aslong as you spend the time learning the lanaguge.

From my research into the methods and a few video tutorials, I managed to make my new site I'm proud that I actually built something with some complexity :D

As for SMF, I'm working on a few things to present to the public, all user orientated, and all user content controller. Hopefully with my knowledge, ill be able to complete something soon :)

Ad Astra!


Interesting concept for a website. The adverts for vitamin water added to the insanity :P
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Quote from: Trekkie101 on May 29, 2007, 09:32:12 AM
Ever get the feeling you spend hours on something and yet accomplish absolutely nothing?

lol, all the time.

But I learn...