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[Theme] Themis (SMF v1.0.5 - 1.1RC2)

Started by bloc, October 03, 2004, 03:24:05 AM

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I just finished a theme called Themis, and would like to share it with you. Its less graphic-intensive this time and perhaps more "allround". You get the option of putting a logo (picture) on the top of the board - check "current themes settings" in admin panel.

This one doesnt have buttons with text. It can be just the icons - or icons with text-strings next to it/below it. There is a line on the front that says "most users online ever" and "most users online today"- and the main buttons on top can have labels.(shown in the screenshot). Configurable in the admin section along with the logo. The linktree is "boxes-only" inline style and has hover-effect.(should work in both mozilla/opera along with IE).
Graphics may only be used in a SMF enviroment.


As always - comments are welcome. :)

The theme has three extra fields in "current Themes settings":
Sidebar..put your HTML code in here and it will show upp on the left. If empty, sidebar will not be visible.
Sidebar width.. set the width of it in pixels.
Topbar..put your HTML code in here and it will show upp on the top - above the upshrink. If empty, topbar will not be visible.

- for SMF v1.1RC2:

- for SMF v1.1RC1:

- for SMF v1.1beta3:

- for SMF v1.0.1-1.0.5:

- preconfigured color-sets that can be set in "current theme settings".

In addition you now have 3 upshrinks - the userinfo/newsbox ( default one) , one for the sidebar ( it it is visible) and one for labels under the main buttons. All three remember their settings until next login.See screenshots below.

Language packs just copy the contents of english folder to *** (language) folders.

thanx to Danel D,Owdy, Ap2 ,[Darksteel] and de3jeh for help with translations.


Main view with sidebar and topbar:

Main view all upshrinks:

Display view:


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Looks very nice... the only thing I noticed was that the "PHP" and "MySQL logos look a bit misaligned on your site...



Yes...planning to put in the validation buttons. Scratching my head in finding those invalid errors right now. :)

...ouch, saw it now. That was a bit more misaligned than planned...cleaned it up. Thanks for the tip.

Tristan Perry

 :o Great theme  :) I really like it.


Nice addition to your great themes.
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


hamid kazemi


Nice job, another quality theme! Nice and simple, I like the big icons at the top of the index page like an IE style toolbar. I'm not so sure about the "quote" and "reply" type buttons not having text, but I'm sure I'd get used to it pretty quickly!

Would you mind sharing the bit of code that adds the "most online today" and "most online ever" sections as I would like to add that on my forum. I don't recall seeing how to do that in the Tips & Tricks section, perhaps you should post it!

PS Do those most online bits include unregistered guests?


Most users online does include guests....

Members = people registered on your forum.
Guests = people not registered on your forum.
Users = Members and/or Guests.



It is as simple as just using the variable $modSettings['mostOnline'] and $modSettings['mostOnlineToday'] - they both hold the numbers. ( big plus to the developers for including those..  ;D ) Adding a text to it and you have it.If you want the date when "mostonline" happened , the $modSettings['mostDate'] must be included inside the timeformat function.

Actual code is:

                       <hr />
                        '.$txt['mostOnlineToday'].' '.$modSettings['mostOnlineToday'].' &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
                        '.$txt['mostOnline'].' <b>'.$modSettings['mostOnline'].'</b> ( '.timeformat($modSettings['mostDate']).'  )

You could just replace the $txt variable with your own text if you want , like this:

                       <hr />
                        Most online today : '.$modSettings['mostOnlineToday'].' &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
                       Most online ever : <b>'.$modSettings['mostOnline'].'</b> ( '.timeformat($modSettings['mostDate']).'  )

Note that this is just taken out from the code in BoardIndex.template.php from the Themis theme. It is part of the whole "echo" statement for the online users etc.


That is a very nice theme.  :D I seriously think it is one of the nicest I have ever seen. It is easy to read and has a very nice 'sleek' feeling to it. I like what you have going with the images. It is not just another theme, but a rather original one in mind. I look foward to any new themes you make. As this one is now set to my boards default theme.  :)
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Thanks. :) I am working on a enhanced version of it, mostly thanks to [Unknown] for upgrading the files to allow for more text in theme variables.  ;)


Nice work :D

Ofcourse the usual comments:

  • The title of your forum ("the Bloc Zone") isn't at the most logical place. The most logical place to put that would be up top. I know its'a nice way to fill that open space, but it just doesn't seem to make sense to put it where it is right now.
  • The little arrow for expanding the upper block of your theme just doesn't make much sense. It looks like it's meant for the bar with all the buttons in it, but it affects the top block.
  • If I were you I'd try to put those menu buttons (Home, help, etc)  in a table or something. It would seriously decrease the amount that that menu bar gets messed up in case people decide to add buttons or in case *something* is changed in the font settings.
  • The "reply" buttons and other such buttons look good, but they are just not clear enough without seeing a text underneath them. You might want to try adding some tiny text underneath those things so people will actually know what to click on.
  • When viewing your calendar there's a slight bug there. The breadcrumb up top is at the same height as the calendar template. I think adding a simple <br /> would suffice, right?


- No, the place to put the title is very deliberate, I wanted a new look and have a clean cut space above to put a logo. And it balances the space where the buttons are. In my opinion.

- Yes, the arrow there was a compromise. I started up with just unfolding the text on buttons..but since I did not find a way to add another upshrink ( that remembers state next time), i went for folding the whole top. Texts on/off went into theme settings instead..but I think I will try to add the option to the profile instead. Not sure yet.

- no, it is meant to be like that, not having the text directly aligned under the main buttons. It now looks similar when texts are on and off and that is what I wanted.

- its a challenge you know..:) to see if you remember the labels..  8) seriously, hover over them and texts appear. In the right language every time. To add text there again will disturb the look I was after..since I did not want to make buttons with text inside. Sure, not for newbies maybe...but not too difficult for the seasoned user I am sure. ;)

- mm, not sure what you mean by that. "breadcrumb" - you mean the place where linktree is at? Probably could use a small padding on top get pixel-perfect.


One of the most beautiful themes I've found available here...
Does it happen to be available in italian too?


It does not really need any new buttons, since it uses the language strings when hovering etc. But a couple of italian words is needed for the admin section. I will set it up.


what about all the new graphics I see?


Quote from: marcnyc on October 06, 2004, 08:27:48 PM
what about all the new graphics I see?

but still with no text in them .. the links are displayed as a text so whatever language you choose will work with the same graphics without the need to modify any of them.
Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)


call me crazy but I see "the bloc zone", "general", "news" and other things that look like buttons with text in them...


Nice Theme I Like One ! ajaj!

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