So, 2.0 is with our charter members

Started by Grudge, August 30, 2007, 06:07:31 PM

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Firstly i should start by apologising for the grammar as im doing this post from my mobile as i have given my house key to a friend and am now locked out in the pub passing time. Anyway... Onwards and upwards!

So this last week we got 2.0 to our chapter members. Something i was really nervous about - particularly with the new upgrade script - but so far things are looking pretty good. With a few exceptions feedback seems to be generally positive and Ive certainly not seen any reports of dead forums or shoots in server load so performance is hopefully at least on a par with 1.1 so no foul ups there.

What Ive absolutely loved the last week is the amount of well articulated and useful feedback we have had from our charter members. We have a dedicated board for 2.0 and about half of it is bug reports (which we are working through) but the other half is absolute gold for a developer. Thanks to the great feedback i know that making custom profiles searchable from the memberllist, our new "key features" page link to the relevant page and the warning system simpler to use will make the features 10x better. This is just an off the cuff memory of some of the bits.

Just like the feature request board i read every single post on 2.0 and it really shows to me the value our charter members add by helping us catch the "duh" things we often miss before we release to the masses!

Of course beta 2 will be more that just tweaks and fixes but whilst we have more in the pipeline our priority is getting 2.0 more stable. I really cant wait for the public release of 2.0 but im afraid that is still a way away. For those not in the charter programme i say "hold on, enjoy 1.1 and feel good that the charter program benefits everyone by making it much simple for up to debug and provide a stable release to the public"
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SMF2.0 was a lot more stable than I would think it would be although of course there bugs here and there especially with the editor but that overall still very stable. It seems like more than 36 months spending on this. :P Great job dev team.
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Great job (as far as I've seen on a demo forum).


I am going to say good job on the post :P From a mobile you must of had a lot of time to post that with little mistakes (or a mobile with a full keyboard).

The beta to charter makes it really easy though. I find as a new Team member who has never seen anything like this really besides 1.1. This is amazing, Detailing on just a couple hundred people is a lot better than detailing on millions of people I got to tell you that. :D
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I would like to give a very huge thanks to our charter members and to team.  The charter members have been doing a great job in bringing up issues and giving their thoughts and ideas.  The team has been doing a great job in handling the issues and making sure they get to our bugtracker.  I've been really impressed by both groups this last week.  Thanks guys.


i have to say hats off to the Charter Members too, the feedback and its presentation is just astronomical and I really wish this level of communication, feedback, and support could be garnered easily in our public boards because it is just... wow.
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