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After Maintance, no one can login!!

Started by Catman27, September 04, 2007, 05:04:27 AM

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To all:
  I had a funtional SMF 1.3 with CHT posting and nick running ok.

  But after I done the maintance function to check for error/optimise, I can't log back!!! The building function is dangerous for UTF-8 users!!!! But only I find it out the hard way ...

  I have done the above maintance steps before, but I was done with Trans HTML to UTF8 function too, and this time I skipped this ...

  This is the only difference that I can think of. I can not login back into my forum, because of the build in maintance ... what a joke it is ~~~


  我有一个运作正常,也可以输入中文帖名/讨论区名/昵称的 SMF 1.3 站台。
  但是在日前做了管理介面中的 清理/最佳化 以后,我现在无法登入论坛了...
  我之前也做过这两个作业,但当时有顺带执行 转换 HTML 至 UTF-8,这次没有...


  SMF Newbie


Still no one can help?
Anyone that can give me the SQL script for cleaning up HTML rntries to UTF-8 format?
I think I better ring this to other discuss group...

thanks all.