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So you think you found a bug with SMF?

Started by SleePy, September 06, 2007, 10:35:40 PM

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The Simple Machines Developers, with the help of other members of the SMF Team and Beta Testers try hard to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible before a new version of SMF is released. Unfortunately however some bugs do slip through, so we greatly appreciate the help from members of the SMF community, by reporting any issues found while using SMF, to the team. Sometimes, these reports do not contain enough information that would be vital in assisting the team in troubleshooting the issue. This topic will guide you in helping us to isolate the problem with our software. Thus, this gives us a detailed bug report to our developers.

Remember! This is not a support board, Please use our Support section to ask questions about SMF or get help with our software.
If you discover a security issue in SMF, please use our Security Report page to inform us properly and safely!
Customizations (Modifications and Themes): If you have found an issue with a customization, please report it to the author of the customization by following the "Comment on this" link on its page, located on the customize site.

Latest Version
When reporting a bug, please make sure you are using the latest version of SMF in the series you are using. If you are beta testing a release, make sure you are using the most up-to-date beta release.
Before reporting this make sure to use a clean install of SMF without any customizations installed. This will ensure it is occurring for the default setup of SMF and not from any customizations.

Where the bug exists
If you think you have found the source of the problem please post the file name as well as what line(s) it is found on, This vital information will help the developers in pinpointing the bug.

Server Setup
Since some versions of Apache/IIS, PHP, and Database Servers may act differently, you should provide this information with your report. This information may help find a bug that is specific to a version of Apache/IIS, PHP, or Database Servers. When Reporting your database server please report the type of database you are using as well as its version. In SMF 1.0 and 1.1 The database type is MySQL.

Error Logs
It is important to know that there are usually errors that are generated when bugs occur. Please include any errors from your SMF, PHP, Database, and/or Apache/IIS error logs that might be relevant to the bug. When checking your PHP, Database logs, Apache, and other server software versions please make sure that they meet our minimum system requirements.

By providing us with this information will make sure that your bug report is able to be looked at quickly and swiftly and the possibility of it being considered a support issue is far less.

You may use the below template as a guide to help you make a Bug Report, though not all of this information is needed, but this is helpful in providing an accurate report for us to use in our internal bug tracker. In additional you do not need to follow this template.

  • Version(s) of SMF

  • Your Setup:

    • List any Modifications you have installed

    • List any Themes you have installed

    • List any non-English Language packs you have installed

    • Are you using UTF-8?
    • Any other related information?
    • What caching level are you using?
  • Server Software:

    • Apache/IIS version?:
    • PHP version?:
    • Database type and version:
    • Any other related server information?
  • Where the Error Occurred

    • File:
    • Line:
    • Any relevant errors in the SMF error log (if so please post them)?:
  • How to Reproduce this Error?:

  • Additional Information?
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It should also be noted:

If you are reporting an issue/bug, please be sure to check that it is not a mod that you have installed which may be causing the bug. In other words, if we can not replicate the issue on a fresh installation of SMF (with no mods installed at all), then it is likely to be marked as NOT an SMF Core issue.

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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