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Invisionfree Conversion Problem
« on: October 25, 2007, 02:54:43 PM »
I am trying to convert our invisionfree forum to a new install of SMF 1.1.4.  Here is what I have done so far:

  • Requested a "conversion database" from invisionfree.  They game me a SQL command file of my database for entry into a IPB 1.3.x forum.
  • I found an old setup file for IPB 1.3, but could not get it to work on my machine.  I figured all I needed was the database structure, so I dug into the install file and manually found and executed the SQL commands the create the IPB database.  I dont know for sure if I did this correctly.
  • I ran the invisionfree "conversion" SQL commands on the new database and did not have any errors.  On a browse of the database, it looks like my data is there.
  • I set up a dummy configuration file for the IPB forums.  The IPB forums dont work, but I set the database name, mysql username and password in the dummy config file.
  • I downloaded the IPB 1.3 to SMF conversion from this website and loaded it onto my server.
  • I ran convert.php and entered the appropriate paths into the textboxes and the correct password in the mysql password box.

Next, the webpage does not change.  It acts like it is finding the page, but this goes on for over 30 minutes and eventually gives me the page not found error.  I do not get the status page showing progress.  The database is not converted.

I tried the converter before loading in my invisionfree data to the IPB database and it worked, although that only got me an empty forum.  I load the invisionfree data into IPB and its no-go again. 

I have phpmyadmin access to the database if that will be helpful.  I am not especially skilled in database management or programming.  I really dont know if I did any of the steps right or wrong.  Is this something any of you have seen before?  Do you see something that I've done wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Re: Invisionfree Conversion Problem
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2007, 12:08:20 AM »
I would be happy to help you; please provide me (via PM) FTP access information (with an uploaded dump) and phpMyAdmin information.