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Server Move Tonight!!!

Started by dschwab9, November 25, 2007, 07:03:17 PM

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I apologize for the short notice, but we will be moving the site to a new server tonight, so we will be in maintenance mode for a couple of hours.

The backup forum will be available at during this time.


Na na na, na na na, hey hey hey goodbye.


Finally, can spread my arms.. Its been cramped on this old server.
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* BlackMage just downloaded that song, lol

* BlackMage has a certain finger he'd like to give the servers.
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* The Burglar! claps in his hands..... for this new server  :P
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hopefully downtimes will vanish :)

Tony Reid

Looks like the move went smoothly - congrats Derek :)

Tony Reid


Quote from: Tony on November 26, 2007, 03:35:20 AM
Looks like the move went smoothly - congrats Derek :)

only time will tell :)

usually when i want to check something on smf. its around 5-9 am est. and it slows to a crawl anywhere from 1-7 am for me usually.

next couple days il keep my eye on it and check the speed :D

oh. will SMF staff please fulfill my daily nerdy needs? (previous server specs/setup compared to current?)  :D

dont really want anything vital like price or company really. (although the actual bandwidth provider would be nice)

just to see how far of an upgrade (in my eyes) smf has just gotten :D (besides. my nerdy needs remember?  :P)


Old dedicated database server:   Dual AMD opteron 246 (2Ghz), 2GB RAM, 3 7200 RPM SATA drives in RAID 5
Old web/everything else server server:  Intel Pentium 4 (3Ghz), 1GB RAM, single IDE drive

New Database server:  Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (quad 2.4Ghz), 4GB RAM, 4 10,000 RPM SATA drives in RAID 5
New dedicated web server:  AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ (dual 2.8Gz), 2GB RAM, dual SATA drives in RAID 1
New dedicated Everything else server:  Same as web server

In addition, we now have a private gigabit LAN between all the servers.

Bandwidth is provided by Gnax, who's upstream providers are Telia, BTN, and Cogent



i have the e6600 (dual core version) and its great!

on the LAN thing. was it going to a standard datacenter switch and going back? or out to the net and back? either way. sounds better on th LAN

the q6600 is a real power house thats for sure! and the ram on them is cheap too. (ddr2 is at an allllll time low!)

you look at the right places. you can grab a 2x2GB set of ddr2-800 for like 130$!

i must say. the actual download and page loads are much more responsive.

i downloaded a 1.1.4 full install in like. 2.5 seconds :O

was the www line upgraded or something? or could this be done because of the power of the servers?


Well, we moved to an entirely different datacenter.   We were on leased dedicated servers, now, we own the servers.   Before, traffic between the servers was going through several routers at the datacenter and there was, at times, a lot of latency, and it was only a 100mbps link.   Now, we have our own gigabit switches that we own and control.

As far as the download speeds, the old datacenter's network used to be decent, but over the last two years had gone down the drain and gotten pretty crappy.   The Gnax network rocks!   I was at the datacenter a few days ago and plugged my laptop in at our rack and ran a speedtest and was able to do about 95mbps.


yea. i thought the connectivity seemed better. :D

95mbps is great. to bad that one time i was doing downloads/speed tests for about 3 hours at 50mbps didnt last long.. (at home) comcast cable.

it changed back down to about 20-30mbps again..

really glad to see the site is finally in a better set of hands :D


yes, surely resolve all connection problems with this... ;D
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KICK BUTT!  :D  Good job, seems pretty snappy here in France!


p.s., I was wondering why I was getting a "forbidden" access message!  I thought you guys were just getting tired of my wacky ideas and unending questions!  ;)
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These guys are trained for Questions! :P

BTW, The server seems to be rocking. No slowness and stuff!

Great Job!


I agree. :)

Nice speeds
* shadow82x is holding a party now

(It's about time for a server upgrade. :P :D Maybe no more white screens of death!)
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Wow, everything seems to be running quite fast and smoothly. :D Even though I'm currently getting page creation times above 2 seconds, but I assume that's because you're still working on it.

In short: great job on the server move, Derek! :)


The site is WAY faster for me.



WoW! Incredible. Without words.


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