Author Topic: So much time, so little to do...  (Read 33384 times)

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So much time, so little to do...
« on: December 27, 2007, 11:04:20 PM »
... no wait, hit the edit button... reverse it... (Willy Wonka)

Is it me or has anyone constantly wanted to go to a country, but never actually had the chance to due to funds or other issues?

Well, that kinda applies to me here, four times now I've had the chance to travel to the US and get away from what I call a Crudbucket for a bit. The first two, were with college, on a class trip to New York, but the first I sacrificed for my first laptop, which I got more use out of since you wouldn't be talking to me. :P and the second was canceled, then replaced with a trip to Euro Disney, then that too, was canceled.

The third was when I was contacted by a Television Producer, shortly before I joined the SMF Team, who wanted to make a TV show about how Fans interact with other Fans around the world in relation to The Simpsons (by surprise :P). And I was leading the British correspondence with the Producer, so I would've ended up on British National TV, and many of my members were speculating what would happen if I became a celebrity which wouldn't have happened. :P . But sadly, we never got a word back from FOX. What crazy stuff I would've pulled off with a good AIM friend of mine would be anyone's guess.

And now the MOTM, of course, now, it's a two birds with one stone kind of deal, just like the Simpsons TV Show was, I get to go to America, and share my love of SMF with fellow team members who share the same love for it.

Now with only two hours to go before I leave for the airport, you cant blame anyone if they are feeling a little nervous. Especially when they haven't had any sleep. ;)

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Re: So much time, so little to do...
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2007, 12:09:00 AM »
Welcome to America  (From: Coming to America

It will surely be a good time.